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Astro® Zer0%® Blueberry 650g

  • Astro Zer0% has a great new taste and a fresh new look. This fat-free, gelatin free, stirred style Blueberry yogourt contains Zer0 artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours so there's Zer0 need for compromise. It's a natural choice for those who understand the benefits of maintaining a healthy body weight.

  • Skim milk, fruit preparation (sugar, water, blueberries, modified corn starch, natural flavour, lemon juice concentrate), sugar,whey protein concentrate, modified corn starch, carrageenan, pectin, potassium sorbate,  active bacterial cultures.

    Contains: milk.

  • Nutrition Facts
Astro® Zer0%® Blueberry 650g

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